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The Lindley distribution probability density function.

What is the Lindley distribution?

A Lindley distribution is one way to describe the lifetime of a process or device. It can be used in a wide variety of fields, including biology, engineering and medicine; it’s especially useful for modeling in mortality studies [1].

The term “Lindley-Exponential Distribution” is often used to mean the generalized form of the distribution.

Lindley distribution properties

The probability density function (PDF) of a random variable X in a Lindley distribution with parameter θ is:

Lindley distribution pdf

The shape parameter (θ) is a positive real number and can result in either a unimodal or monotone decreasing (i.e. consistently decreasing) distribution. The distribution has thin tails because the distribution decreases exponentially for large x-values.

The one parameter cumulative distribution function is:

lindley distribution cdf

Many forms of the distribution have been described in academic literature, including:

  • A two-parameter form [2],
  • A two-parameter weighted form [1],
  • A generalized Poisson-Lindley [3],
  • An extended (EL) distribution [4],
  • An exponential geometric distribution [5],
  • The transmuted Lindley-Geometric Distribution [6].

Moments for the one-parameter distribution [2]:

moments for the Lindley distribution

Other parameterizations have different moments. For example, you can find moments for the Transmuted Lindley-Geometric distribution with the following:

If X has T LG (θ, x) ,φ = (θ, p, λ) then the rth moment of X is given by [6]:

moments for the Transmuted Lindley-Geometric distribution



Related Distributions

Related distributions that model lifetimes:


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