Mielke’s Beta-Kappa Distribution

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Mielke’s beta-kappa distribution (sometimes called Mielke’s distribution) is a continuous probability distribution defined over positive real numbers. It is a generalized F distribution [1] that can be applied to a diverse range of practical data such as precipitation and stream flow data, defining scale thresholds for geomagnetic storms [2] and incompleteness of electronic health records [3].

It is also equivalent to the Dagum distribution with a different parameterization: while Dagum [4] used parameters (β, δ, λ) in his 1977 paper, Mielke used (α, β, θ) four years earlier — in 1973. — when he proposed the distribution for a meteorological application to model daily rainfall [5]. Mielke initially called his distribution the kappa distribution but later referred to (with co-author Johnson) as the Beta-K distribution [6].

Mielke Distribution probability density function (PDF). Image credit: NIST [1].

Mielke’s Beta-Kappa Distribution properties

The general form of the probability density function (PDF) is:

mielke's beta kappa distribution pdf
PDF with shape parameters k,θ, location parameter and scale parameter β.

The standard form of Mielke’s Beta-Kappa distribution, with location parameter (μ) = 0 and scale parameter (β) = 1 is:


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