Topp–Leone distribution

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The Topp-Leone distribution, first proposed by Topp and Leone in 1955 [1], is a J-shaped alternative to the beta distribution. It has finite support and a bathtub shaped hazard function, which makes it especially suited for reliability studies [2].

Topp-Leone distribution properties

graph of the topp-leone distribution
Graph of the Topp-Leone distribution density [3].

The probability density function (PDF) for the Topp-Leone distribution is [4]

The cumulative distribution function (CDF) is

The hazard function can be expressed in closed form as [2]

𝜆(𝑥) = (2𝑣/𝑏)𝑦(1 − 𝑦2)𝑣 − 1/[1 − (1 − 𝑦2)𝑣] ,

where 𝑦 = 1 − (𝑥/𝑏) .

Extensions to the Topp-Leone distribution include:

  • The Type II generalized Topp– Leone–G (TIIGTL-G) family, which has a more flexible density function. In addition to J-shaped, its density function can be unimodel, left-skewed, right-skewed, and reversed-J shaped, with increasing, decreasing, upside-down, J or reversed-J hazard rates [5]. 
  •  The beta Topp-Leone generated family of distributions is a combination of the beta generated family and the Topp-Leone generated family [6]. 
  • The beta Topp-Leone Weibull distribution has flexible hazard shapes which can be monotonically increasing, monotonically de-creasing, bathtub-shaped, upside-down bathtub-shaped and modified bathtub-shaped [6].


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